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Reseller API

Create your own platform and connect to our robust API

Domain reseller API

The Web Address Registration Reseller API is designed to be simple, limiting the complexity to a bare minimum. Our API allows you to automate domain name registration and other products within our network.

The domain API automates the following features:

  • Availability checking
  • Registration (including country code domains)
  • Transfers with domain password validation
  • Renewal
  • Delegation requests
  • Contact updates
  • Information retrieval
  • Domain list retrieval

Why use the API?

The domain name reseller API allows you to customise your website or application and use SOAP commands to get and display information as you required. This gives you full customisation of the domain reseller platform.

How it works

Our API uses the standardised SOAP protocol and is easy to understand, even with no advanced programming knowledge.

Using the API simply consists of programmatically sending commands, or more technically speaking posting data, to a URL and then parsing the response. At the most basic level, the API allows users to check the availability of a domain name without leaving your site. This functionality can be set up in mere minutes.

Getting started

All reseller accounts come complete with API integration immediately available as an alternative to the default setup.

Once you log in to our Reseller Interface, request an API key unique to your account with a simple click of a button in the Reseller Setup section. Once you have this, you’re ready to start developing right then and there.