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Can I bulk transfer domain names to my reseller account?
Yes. No matter which registrar currently houses your domains, or how many domains there are, you can transfer all these names easily with a few clicks and no hassles. Simply use the bulk transfers domain name tool located in your reseller control panel.
How is my account credited?

Your account is credited whenever your clients purchase domain name and/or hosting services through your store front.

Clients purchase domains and services at your retail price, which is credited to your account. Your account is then debited by the wholesale rate of the domain or service. The credit balance remaining in your account is your profit.

You can add extra credit to your reseller account any time using your credit card.

What are the setup fees and ongoing costs of being a reseller?
There is a standard setup fee of $110 to become a reseller, which covers all administration cost of your account. Once this is paid, there are no ongoing or further costs.
Can I provide my own hosting service to my clients?
Yes. If you only wish to resell domain names through your reseller system, this is supported and encouraged. You have the freedom to resell any of the additional services made available to you as a reseller partner.
Can I integrate my registration interface into my current website?
Yes. You will be supplied with the required code to integrate the registration interface into your own existing site. The system will allow you to brand the registration interface with your own company logo and colour scheme, maintaining your current company theme.
Will Web Address Registration contact my clients?
No. Web Address Registration will not contact the clients of resellers directly. If one of your clients contacts Web Address Registration, we encourage them to call you.
Can I sell products in different currencies?
Yes. The reseller system supports multiple currencies; New Zealand dollars, US dollars, European Euros, UK pounds, Australian dollars and many more.
Is there a requirement for a minimum number of domains to be a reseller?
We do not impose minimum requirements for domain or product sales.
How do I retrieve domain registry keys?
Domain registry keys also known as domain passwords can be retrieved by using this password recovery tool here, or by visiting auDA's password recovery tool.
Where can I view a consumer guide and FAQ for .AU Domain names?
Consumer guide and FAQ for .AU Domain names can be viewed by visiting https://www.auda.org.au/au-domain-names/domain-name-help
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